PCB Prototpye

Produce some PCB samples from a PCB sample

PCB prototype service includes:

Copy the schmatics (Gerber) and BOM (Bill Of Material).
Purchasing on-board components.
PC board manufacturing.
Assembly of circuit board with all on-board components by hand.
Make initial testing.

The client have to be very clear that PCB prototype can never be done by us only, if the client do not have the sufficient means to test the prototype samples, the job can not be completed.Because the samples were hand made from a scratch, human error sometimes is inevitable.

The client responsibility includes:

Test the functionalities after receiving the prototyped samples.
If the prototyped samples is not working correctly, the client need to find out the faulty reason.
Includes testing whether the PC board manufactured correctly.
Includes testing whether each component on the PCB is with the correct spec and correctly soldered.
Then give us a detailed report for us to do the change and make the protoype again.