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AT90xx whole series:

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ATMegaxx whole series:

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ATFxx series:


ATXmegaxx whole series:

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About Atmel:

Atmel Corporation was founded in 1984 by George Perlegos. In 1991, Atmel expanded the Colorado facility after acquiring Concurrent Logic, a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) manufacturer. In 1994 Atmel entered the microprocessor market. The first Atom flash memory microcontroller was based on the Intel 8051. In 1995, Atmel was one of the first companies to license ARM architecture, initially building its AT91 family of devices, followed by the SAM family, and more recently a full selection of Cortex-based solutions, including Ultra Included on the basis of -lo- Power ARM Cortex-M4.

In 1995, Atmel acquired pan-European chipmaker European Silicon Structures (ES2) and thus a manufacturing facility in Rousset, France. Atmel created a new fab with the existing ES2 fab. The business unit was named Atmel-ES2. Atmel acquired digital research in electronic acoustics and music (DREAM) in 1996.

Atmel formed a design team in Trondheim, Norway to develop the Atmel AVR line of RISC microcontrollers. In 1998, Atmel purchased part of TEMIC from Vishay Intertechnology, which earned him a fab in Germany as well as part of MHS from Vishay, which gave him a fab in Nantes, France; In 1998, Atmel acquired TEMIC from Vishay Intertechnology. Bought part, which met him with a fab in Germany as well as part of MYH, which offers him a fab in Nantes, France

Streamlining of Atmel

All the operations of Atmel were streamlines with a strategy called "fab-lite". All started back in 2005 when Atmel sold the MHS fab in Nantes France to Xbybus. Steven Laub come into the charge as a director in Feb 2006 and in August became president and CEO. Under Steven Laub Atmel grew further and expanded in manufacturing plants and business lines.


As Atmel divested several fabs and ancillary business lines, Laub also oversaw acquisitions. In 2018, Atmel bought Queens Award Winning Quantum Research Group Ltd. Atmel also moved into IOT also known as Internet of Things.

Acquisition by Microchip Technology

Atmel received unsolicited offer from Microchip Technology and ON semiconductor in 2008.

List of Products by Atmel

Apart from Microcontroller which was the large part of Atmel’s revenue, there are some more products they were manufacturing like Wireless/RF, Touchscreen, Memory, Analog, Custom, Automotive, smart metering and smart energy.


A large part of Atmel's revenue is from microcontrollers. These include the AVR 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers, ARM architecture microprocessors, and ARM-based flash microcontrollers. In addition Atmel still makes microcontrollers that use the 8051 architecture, albeit improved to do single-cycle instructions. Supporting the microcontrollers is the Atmel Studio 7 integrated development environment which Atmel offers for free. They also provide an Atmel Software Framework.

Wireless / RF

To provide for the Internet of Things (IoT), Atmel offers dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz a/b/g Wi-Fi chips from its Ozmo acquisition. Also, Atmel offers 2.4 GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi chips WILC1000/WILC3000 and WINC1500 from its Newport Media, Inc acquisition. WINC1500 provide a full 802.11 b/g/n network controller with full ip stack TCP/IP, UDP with upper layer protocols as DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SNTP, TLS etc. Also, Atmel makes wireless transceivers using regional 700/800/900 MHz, as well as global 2.4 GHz frequency bands, Some chips are standalone transceivers while others are integrated with a microcontroller. They also sell the Zigbit module that comes with FCC certifications. Atmel also makes remote control RF products using the license-free ISM band (industrial scientific medical) frequencies (5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 868 to 928 MHz, 433 MHz, and 315 MHz). The wireless segment also provides RFID chips for tracking, access and identification. Finally, Atmel offers a line of IR controllers that can support infrared as well as RF wireless.


Atmel makes both touchscreen controller ICs and its XSense flexible touchscreen. The company makes sensor hubs that manage accelerometers, gyroscopes, inertial measurement units and magnetometers. These sensors give consumer products and embedded systems context awareness. The sensor hub offloads the main application processor and allows product functionality without the need to power the main processor. Atmel also makes simple touch controller chips for buttons, sliders, and wheels used on industrial and consumer products. The touch wheel interface became popularized by the Apple iPod. To support the application of its touch controller chips, Atmel provides a free QTouch library of software routines.


Atmel's original business was in memory, and it still sells several memory products. It offers serial and parallel EEPROM, as well as one-time programmable (OTP) EPROM. In addition, it offers secure memory with its CryptoMemory product line of EEPROMS in capacities from 1 to 256 kbits.


In addition to the secure memory mentioned above, they have the CryptoAuthentication product lines that provide hardware authentication capability with both symmetric and asymmetric-key algorithm authentication. These ICs are used in many applications, including secure access, communications, control, and to prevent cloned products like batteries or ink cartridges not approved by the product manufacturer. Atmel's CryptoRF products add hardware encrypted security to RFID applications. Finally Atmel offers a trusted platform module that gives strong hardware-based public key (RSA algorithm) security for both personal computers and embedded processors on a single chip.


Atmel makes LED driver chips. It also has a line of digital-output temperature sensors. The company also makes power management and analog companions (PMAAC) that combine a group of discrete ICs often used in handheld or battery-powered products. Integrated functions include audio codecs (compressor-decompressor), lithium-ion battery chargers, and stereo digital-to-analog converters.


These products include custom integrated circuits designed to meet specialized single-customer requirements. Products include FPGAs, products with military and aerospace applications, and application-specific standard products (ASSP) for space applications, power management, and secure cryptographic memory products.


Atmel modified or specialized many of its products for the automotive market. These products often have a wider temperature range or are specially qualified for automotive applications. These products include car access, touch control, radio, CAN, VAN, and LIN Bus networking, battery management, high-temperature drivers, and serial EEPROMs.

Smart energy

Atmel also has chips specialized for the smart energy and smart metering markets. These chips combine microprocessors with tamper-proof hardware security and power line communication modems. The parts also integrate analog front-ends for accurate metrology

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