Holtek Microcontroller Unlock/Crack

Holtek MCU reverse engineer list:

HT23BXXX, HT36RXX and HT45RXX series mcu crack:

HT45R02 HT45R03 HT45R04 HT45R04E HT45R05 HT45R06 HT45R07 HT45R09 HT45R11 HT45R15 HT45R16 HT45R23 HT45R24 HT45R34 HT45R35 HT45R36 HT45R38 HT45R52 HT45R54 HT45R0C HT45R0D HT45R0E HT45R0F HT45R0G HT45R0H HT45R0K HT45R0L HT45R0M HT45R0N HT45R0P HT45R0Q HT45R0S HT45R0T HT45R0W HT45R0Y HT45R0Y-RC HT45R0MA HT45R0MA-RC HT45R23 HT45R24 HT45R35 HT45RM02 HT45RM03 HT45RM03A HT36RA1 HT36RA4 HT36RM4 HT36RFA HT23B60R ...

HTxxFxx series:

HT46F46E HT46F47E HT46F48E HT46F49E HT48F06E HT48F06V HT48F10E HT48F10V HT48F30E HT48F30V HT48F50E HT48F70E HT48E06 HT48E10 HT48E30 HT48E50 HT48E70 HT46F47V HT46F48V,HT48F06V HT48F10V HT46F46V,HT46F47E-T HT66F005 HT66F006 HT66F007 HT66F0172 HT66F0174 HT66F018 HT66F019 HT66F03 HT66F032 HT66F03C HT66F03L HT66F03M HT66F03T3 HT66F04 HT66F042 HT66F04C HT66F04L HT66F04M HT66F13 HT66F14 HT66F15 HT66F15T HT66F20 HT66F20-1 HT66F23D HT66F24D HT66F25D HT66F26D HT66F30 HT66F30-1 HT66F40 HT66F4540 HT66F50 HT66F60 HT66F60A HT66F70A HT66F840 HT66F850 HT66F860 HT66FB20 HT66FB30 HT66FB30-1 HT66FB40 HT66FB50 HT66FB540 HT66FB550 HT66FB560 HT66FB60 HT66FB70A HT66FH2230 HT66FH2340 HT66FM2240 HT66FM5230 HT66FM5240 HT66FM5340 HT66FR840 HT66FR850 HT66FR860 HT66FU20 HT66FU30 HT66FU30-1 HT66FU40 HT66FU50 HT66FU60 HT66FU60A HT66FU70A HT66FV140 HT66FV240 HT66F002 HT66F0021 HT66F0022 HT66F003 HT66F004 HT66F0042 HT66F0082 HT66F0175 HT66F0185 HT66F0187 HT66F317 HT66F318 HT66F319 HT66F4360 HT66F4370 HT66F504 HT66F508 HT66F5174 HT66F518 HT66FV160 HT66FV150 HT66FV130 HT66FW2230 HT66FW2540 HT67F30 HT67F40 HT67F4260 HT67F488 HT67F489 HT67F50 HT67F5640 HT67F60 HT67F60A HT67F70A HT68F005 HT68F006 HT68F007 HT68F016 HT68F016L HT68F016R HT68F017 HT68F0172 HT68F0174 HT68F017L HT68F017R HT68F018 HT68F03 HT68F032 HT68F03C HT68F03L HT68F03M HT68F03T3 HT68F04 HT68F042 HT68F04C HT68F04L HT68F04M HT68F13 HT68F14 HT68F15 HT68F20 HT68F20-1 HT68F30 HT68F30-1 HT68F40 HT68F50 HT68F60 HT68F60A HT68F70A HT68FB20 HT68FB240 HT68FB30 HT68FB30-1 HT68FB40 HT68FB50 HT68FB540 HT68FB550 HT68FB560 HT68FB60 HT68FU20 HT68FU30 HT68FU30-1 HT68FU40 HT68FU50 HT68FU60 HT69F20 HT69F240 HT69F30A HT69F40A HT69F50A HT83F02 HT83F02_128M HT83F02_16M HT83F02_1M HT83F02_2M HT83F02_32M HT83F02_4M HT83F02_64M HT83F02_8M HT83F10 HT83F20 HT83F22 HT83F22_128M HT83F22_16M HT83F22_1M HT83F22_2M HT83F22_32M HT83F22_4M HT83F22_64M HT83F22_8M HT83F40 HT83F60 HT83F60-1 HT83F80 HT83F80-1 HT88F60 HT88F80 TS3F464D TS3F464N TS3F465D TS3F465S TS3F466K TS3F466S HT66F016 HT66F016L HT66F016R HT66F017,HT66F017L HT66F017R HT32F1251 HT32F1251B HT32F1252 HT32F1253 HT32F1755 HT32F1765 HT32F2755 HT45F0V HT45F0V-L HT45F0V-M HT45F0VP-L HT45F12 HT45F15 HT45F15B HT45F16 HT45F17 HT45F17-1 HT45F19 HT45F1B HT45F1B-1 HT45F1B-2 HT45F20 HT45F23 HT45F23A HT45F23A-3 HT45F23-N HT45F24A HT45F24A-3 HT45F26 HT45F2H HT45F2J HT45F2P HT45F2P_T1 HT45F2S HT45F2T HT45F2U HT45F2Y HT45F2Z HT45F32 HT45F3H HT45F3M HT45F3N HT45F3P HT45F3W HT45F43 HT45F4M HT45FH2T-1 HT45FH3P HT45FH3T HT45FH3T-2 HT45FH4J HT45FH4M HT45FH4M-1 HT45FH4N HT45FH4T HT45FH82 HT45FM03B HT45FM2C HT45FM2D HT45FM30 HT45FS4R HT45FM2D HT45F22A HT45F2H HT45F4L HT45F4MA HT45F4N HT45F4P HT45F4Q HT45F4W HT45F4Y HT45F51 HT45F56 HT45F57 HT45F5F HT45F5H HT45F5M HT45F5Q HT45F5V HT45F623 HT45F64 HT45F65 HT45F66 HT45F67 HT45F6F HT45F6G HT45F6P HT45F72 HT45F75 HT45F77 HT45F906 HT45F920 HT45FHOYB-1 HT45FH23A HT45FH24A HT45FH3M HT45FH5J HT45FH5W HT45FH6F HT430F08 ...

HT46RXX series mcu crack:

HT46R01 HT46R02 HT46R03 HT46R04 HT46R064 HT46R065 HT46R12 HT46R12A HT46R14 HT46R14A HT46R22 HT46R23 HT46R232 HT46R321 HT46R322 HT46R342 HT46R343 HT46R24 HT46R32 HT46R34 HT46R42 HT46R46 HT46R46-H HT46R46E HT46R46V HT46R47 HT46R47-H HT46R47E HT46R47V HT46R48 HT46R48A HT46R48AE HT46R48E HT46R48V HT46R49 HT46R49A HT46R49E HT46R4AE HT46R51 HT46R51A HT46R52 HT46R52A HT46R53 HT46R53A HT46R54 HT46R54A HT46R62 HT46R63 HT46R64 HT46R644 HT46R65 HT46R652 HT46R71 HT46R71D HT46R72 HT46R72D HT46R73 HT46R73D HT46R74 HT46R74D HT46R82 HT46R83 HT46R84 HT46R92 HT46R94 HT46RB50 HT46RB70 HT46RU22 HT46RU232 HT46RU24 HT46RU25 HT46RU26 HT46RU66 HT46RU67 HT46RU68 HT46RU75D HT46RS03 ...

HT47RXX series mcu hack::

HT47R10 HT47R10A-1 HT47R20 HT47R20A-1 HT48RXX series mcu crack: HT48R01 HT48R02 HT48R03 HT48R05 HT48R05A-1 HT48R06 HT48R062 HT48R06A-1 HT48R06A-2 HT48R06E HT48R06V HT48R07 HT48R07A-1 HT48R07V HT48R08 HT48R08A-1 HT48R08V HT48R09 HT48R09A-1 HT48R09V HT48R0AA-1 HT48R10 HT48R10A-1 HT48R11 HT48R12 HT48R30 HT48R30A-1 HT48R31 HT48R32 HT48R37 HT48R37A-1 HT48R50 HT48R5OA-1 HT48R51 HT48R52 HT48R502 HT48R52A HT48R53 HT48R54A HT48R70 HT48R70A-1 HT48RA0-1 HT48RA0-2 HT48RA0-3 HT48RA0-4 HT48RA0A HT48RA0 HT48RA1 HT48RA3 HT48RA3-N HT48RA5 HT48RB8 HT48RU80 HT48RU90 HT48X50 HT48X50A-1 ...

HT49RXX series mcu break:

HT49R10A-1 HT49R30 HT49R30A-1 HT49R50 HT49R50A-1 HT49R70 HT49R70A-1 HT49R84 HT49RA0 HT49RA1 HT49RB50 HT49RB70 HT49CA0 HT49RU80 HT49RU90 HT49RV3 HT49RV5 HT49RV7 HT49RV9 ...

HT56RXX HT57RXX HT81RXX series mcu crack:

HT56R62 HT56R64 HT56R642 HT56R65 HT56R654 HT56R656 HT56R66 HT56R666 HT57R20 HT81R03 HT81R09 HT81R18 HT81R3 HT82A802 HT82A821 HT82A822 HT82A832 HT82A851R HT82J30R HT82J97E HT82J98E HT82K68E HT82K69E HT82K70E HT82K71E HT82K72E HT82K73E HT82K75E HT82K92E HT82K94E HT82K95E HT82K95EE HT82K96E HT82M66E HT82M72E HT82M73E HT82M99E HT82M99EE HT82M99EC HT82M9AE HT82M9AEE HT82M9BE HT82M9BEE ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Holtek:

Holtek Semiconductor is a Taiwan-based semiconductor design center and provider. With its headquarters and design operations located at Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, Holtek operates worldwide with a wide range of global agents and has global sales offices located in the USA and India. Holtech's design focus is with touch microcontroller development in both 32-bit and 8-bit.

Holtech also designs and provides peripheral semiconductor products such as remote control, telecommunications, power management, computer peripherals and memory devices. Holtech's equipment application area is focused in the consumer products sector such as home appliances, computer peripheral products, remote controllers, leisure products, medical equipment as well as industrial controllers.

Holtech's design focus is in the area of ​​microcontroller development. Holtek's 32-bit series is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 cores. They are also producing 8051-based controllers, but most of their 8-bit microcontrollers are based on a core designed in-house that is similar to the Microchip PIC16 architecture. All have common features such as timers, external interrupts, power-down functions, low-voltage reset, bi-directional I / O pins, and more. The range of microcontrollers supports clock speeds from 32 kHz to 20 MHz. Typical features of the device include functions such as EEPROM memory, A / D converters, LCD interfaces, USB interfaces, operational amplifiers.

Development tools

To support its microcontroller devices, Holtek supplies its IDE-3000 development system. IDE 3000 system is a hardware and software development tools which have real time emulation of hardware and simulation of software as well as tools for device programming of OTP and flash devices. ICE In Circuit Emulators manufactured by Holtek also include an inbuilt device programmer that helps eliminating the need for separate programming tools. This tool can be operated in a stand alone mode without having a connection to personal computer or laptop.

Holtek intends to become a major presence in all areas of life for electronic applications where MCUs are providing everyday users with increased convenience, such as computer, information, consumer and automotive areas.

Holtek's Core Competitive Strengths

Based on its initial investments in IC design in 1983 where it created its original design team, and in the interim period where it has accumulated an extensive array of experience, intellectual properties and patents, as well as the support of many foundries, packaging and testing facilities, at the same time has established marketing and technology support hubs in Taiwan, China and the USA. As a result, Holtek is able to provide its customers with the following advantages:

  • Device quality excellence including high noise immunity and ESD protection
  • Extremely short lead times
  • Superio price/ function ratio
  • Availability of OTP type and Flash type devices
  • Localized technical service and support
  • Flexible ASSP and ASIC MCU development service
  • Availability of professional design tools and high-function C compiler
Product Strategy

Holtek will continue to focus its development efforts in the 8-bit/32-bit MCU area. With the addition of the development of a continued range of supporting peripheral MCU devices, customers will be provided with a wide range of multi-functional flexible device solutions for all their MCU product requirements. In one stroke, users of Holtek devices, in obtaining low cost, convenience and flexibility, will permit their products to achieve price superiority in the market place.

Development Strategy

Holtek's design strategy will remain focused in the developing automotive and consumer product areas. In addition, Holtek, with its concentration of design effort in the area of high quality MCU devices, fully intends and expects to expand its international market presence. The provision of outstanding quality and a rapid local support service, will combine to not only satisfy the needs of Holtek's global customers, but will lead to the increasing presence of Holtek MCU devices within the products of major and prominent well known global household consumer product manufacturers; a process which will establish the professionalism and international image of Holtek MCU devices.

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