Nuvoton/Winbond Microcontroller Unlock/MCU Copy

Nuvoton/Winbond MCU reverse engineer list:

W77Exx series ic code extraction:

W77E51 W77E52 W77E54 W77E58 W77E058A W77E516 W77E516A W77E532 W77E532A W77E058 W77E58A W77I058A 77L058 W77L516A W77LE58 W77IE58 W77L058A W77L516A W77L532A W77LE516 W77LE532 ...

W78Exx series ic code recovery:

W78E51 W78E51B W78E52 W78E52B W78E54 W78E54B W78E58 W78E58B W78E516 W78E051A W78E62 W78E65 W78E65B W78E516B W78E051B W78E051C W78E052A W78E052B W78E052C W78E054A W78E054B W78E054C W78E058A W78E058B W78E065A W78E365 W78E365A W78E378 W78E378E W78E51 W78E516B W78E51B W78E51C W78E52 W78E52B W78E52C W78E54 W78E54B W78E54C W78E58 W78E58B W78E62 W78E65 W78E858 W78ERD2 W78ERD2A W78E051DDG W78E051DFG W78E051DLG W78E051DPG W78E052DDG W78E052DFG W78E052DLG W78E052DPG W78E054DDG W78E054DFG W78E054DLG W78E054DPG W78E058DDG W78E058DFG W78E058DLG W78E058DPG W78E065 W78E354 W78E374B W78E378P W78E516DDG W78E516DFG W78E516DLG W78E516DPG W78E62B ...

W78IExx series ic code extraction:

W78IE52 W78IE54 W78IRD2 W78IRD2A W78I051DDG W78I051DFG W78I051DLG W78I051DPG W78I052 W78I052DDG W78I052DFG W78I052DLG W78I052DPG W78I054 W78I054DDG W78I054DFG W78I054DLG W78I054DPG ... ...

W78Lxx series:

W78L051A W78L051C W78L052A W78L052C W78L054A W78L054C W78L058A W78L365A W78L516A W78L812A W78L051 W78L052 W78L054 W78L058 W78L365 W78L516 W78L812 ...

W78LExx series ic code extraction:

W78LE58 W78LE58B W78LE051A W78LE365 W78LE51 W78LE516 W78LE51C W78LE52 W78LE52C W78LE54 W78LE54C W78LE812 ...

W79Exx series ic code recover:

W79E201 W79E201A W79E532 W79E532A W79E533A W79E548 W79E548A W79E549 W79E549A W79E558A W79E559A W79E632 W79E632A W79E633A W79E648 W79E648A W79E649 W79E649A W79E658A W79E659A W79E801 W79E802 W79E803 W79E804 W79E821 W79E822 W79E823 W79E824 W79E825 W79E82J W79E832 W79E833 W79E834 W79E83J W79E2051 W79E216AFG W79E217AFG W79E225A W79E226A W79E227A W79E4051 W79E633 W79E83J W79E801A W79E802A W79E803A W79E804A W79E821A W79E822A W79E822B W79E823A W79E823B W79E824A W79E825A W79E831A W79E832A W79E833A W79E834A ...

W79Lxx series ic code extraction:

W79L532 W79L532A W79L548 W79L548A W79L549 W79L549A W79L558A W79L559A W79L632 W79L632A W79L633A W79L648 W79L648A W79L649 W79L649A W79L658A W79L659A W79L633 ...

W83Lxx series ic code recovery:

W83L950D W83L950G W83L951D W83L951DG W83L951F W83L951FG W83L951ADG W83L951DF ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Nuvoton:

Nuvoton Technology was founded to bring innovation-driven new solutions to customers. The company relaunched as a Winbond affiliate in 2008 while Winbond is focusing on its large memory business.

Since those beginnings we are a relatively new and upcoming digital / analog / mixed signal semiconductor company. Public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) since September 27, 2010, we are bringing new solutions to our customers that change the world around us.

The Nuvoton portfolio already includes products under Winbond and which have grown organically:

Computers: Super IO (SIO), Embedded Controllers (EC), Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Power Management for others. We are one of the world's top three suppliers of Super IO, Embedded Controllers and Trusted Platform modules for the PC industry.

Microcontrollers: ARM® Cortex™ M0 plus ARM® 7/ ARM® 9 with others in development plus 8051 families. They are a leader in microcontrollers with \new fast growing portfolio of ARM® Cortex™ microcontrollers plus a family of 8051 products. These families currently include a wide range of ARM® controllers including Cortex™ M0, ARM® 7/ ARM® 9 with more to come.

Mixed Signal: Speech Playback and Record Products with embedded Flash. Audio Products including Power Amplifiers, Audio ADC's/DAC's and CODECS.

They also lead the industry with extremely high fidelity solutions for speech recording/playback and full range audio applications that serve consumer, automotive, white goods and other markets.

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nuvoton has subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Mainland China, Israel,and India to strengthen regional support and global management.


Nuvoton Foundry’s process technologies are highly focused on High-Voltage, power management, LED Driver, and logic related fields. Current customers have successfully used our processes to create MCUs, Speech ICs, DC / DC converters, AC / DC SMPS, LDOs, USB Switches, Chargers, LCD drivers, Fan Drivers, Hall Sensors and LED B/L driver products in volumes exceeding several million wafers.

In addition to general IC processes, Nuvoton also provides customized process services to support HV MOSFETs, IGBTs, TVS, Light Sensor, Pressure Sensors, BioChip, GaN SBD etc. Applications include industrial control, high power conversion systems, mobile devices, sensors, system electrostatic protection, medical care, and more. Nuvoton also has a strong R&D team that can create a variety of customized processes for customer requirements.

Focus on Technology

Nuvoton Foundry’s process technology currently offers 0.35um processes, including General logic, Mixed-signal, High voltage, Ultra high voltage, Power management, Mask ROM, Embedded logic Non-Volatile memory process and more.

Technology Roadmap

In order to enhance our customers’ competitive edge, Nuvoton continues its evolution into power management with high voltage capability on our 0.35um process as we continue to optimize new high-voltage and power devices. To meet the requirements of customers in various fields, we also focus on process customization and have actively developed IGBT, Sensor and GaN SBD processes. We listen closely to customer needs in order to give the best service possible.

Multi-Layer Mask (MLM), and Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Services

Multi-Layer Mask (MLM) services are available for engineering lots on all processes. The MLM service configures images with multiple design layers using similar mask specifications on a single reticle. This service not only saves development cost, but provides tape-out flexibility allowing customers to tape-out products at any time without being dependent on pre-set prototyping schedules. MPW Service offers platforms that use multi-project wafers for prototyping which enables multiple customers to share mask tooling costs.

Customized Technology and Excellent Cycle Time

Nuvoton’s modular platform provides customers customized processes and quick Cycle Time of 0.8 Days/Layer for fast prototyping to help customers’ Time to Market in a fast changing world.

Embedded Non-Volatile Memory IPEmbedded Non-Volatile Memory IP

Nuvoton recognizes that memory requirements vary by application. Specifically in a 0.35um process Nuvoton offers three versions of matching logic processes with embedded non-volatile memory (NVM). They are (1) Yield Microelectronics Corporation’s (YMC) 3.3V MTP (Multi-Time-Programing) NVM IP; (2) eMemory’s 5V OTP (One -Time-Programing) NVM IP; (3) Nuvoton’s proprietary 5V Poly e-Fuse Trimming IP.

Complete Design Kits and Product Service Team

We provide the most accurate and complete Design Kits to customers for product design, while providing a full range of customer support services to help customers get to market quickly.

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