Samsung Microcontroller Unlock/Clone

Samsung MCU reverse engineer list:

S3Fxx series mcu source code unlock:

S3F80J9 S3F80JB S3F80K5 S3F80K9 S3F80KB S3F80L4 S3F80M4 S3F80N8 S3F8235 S3P8245 S3P8249 S3P825A S3P826A S3F8274 S3F8278 S3F8275 S3F8285 S3F8289 S3F828B S3F82E5 S3F82HB S3F82I9 S3P830A S3F833B S3F834B S3P848A S3F84BB S3F84DB S3F84A5 S3F84C4 S3P84E9 S3F84H5 S3F84I8 S3F84I9 S3F84K4 S3F84M8 S3F84NB S3F84P4 S3F84Q5 S3F84T5 S3F84U8 S3F84UA S3F84VB S3F84YB S3F84ZB S3F866B S3F880A S3F8235 S3F84I8 S3F84H5 S3F80M4 S3F9444 S3F9454 S3F9488 S3F9498 S3F94A5 ...

S3Pxx series mcu duplicate:

S3P414 S3P434 S3P7048 S3P70F4 S3P7224 S3P7235 S3P7238 S3P72B9 S3P72F5 S3P72K8 S3P72M9 S3P72N5 S3P72Q5 S3P7335 S3P7424 S3P7434 S3P7515 S3P7528 S3P7538 S3P7565 S3C72N4 S3P72N5 S3P72K8 S3P72P9 S3P7324 S3C72N5 S3P7335 S3P80A5 S3P8245 S3P8249 S3P825A S3C8274 S3P830A S3P8325 S3P8469 S3P8475 S3P848A S3C8849 S3P9228 S3P9228 S3P9234 S3P851B S3P9228 S3C9228 S3C9454 S3C9234 S3P9428 S3P9434 S2C9444 S3C9488 S3C9498 S3P969 ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Samsung:

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It consists of several affiliated businesses, most of which are united under the Samsung brand, and the largest is the South Korean chaebol (business group).

Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul as a trading company. Over the next three decades, the group diversified into sectors including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s and the construction and shipbuilding industry in the mid-1970s; These areas will carry forward its subsequent development. After Lee's death in 1987, Samsung was separated into four business groups - Samsung Group, Shinseg Group, CJ Group and Hansol Group. Since 1990, Samsung has expanded its activities and electronics globally; In particular, its mobile phones and semiconductors have become its most important sources of income. As of 2017, Samsung has the 6th highest global brand value.

Samsung has a major influence over South Korea’s economic development, politics, media and culture and has been a major driving force behind the "Miracle on the Han River". Samsung’s affiliate companies produce more than a fifth of Countries total exports. Samsung’s total revenue was equal to 17% of South Korea's $1,082 billion GDP.

According to Founder of Samsung, the meaning of the Korean Hanja word samsung is tri star. The word three represents something big “big, numerous and powerful”.

Samsung’s major clients include Royal Dutch Shell, United Arab Emirates government and Ontario government. Company was in the centre of news due to some controversies for example they have faced financial scandals, Antitrust concerns, Viral marketing, Labor abuses and price fixing.

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