SST Microcontroller Unlock/Code Recovery

SST MCU reverse engineer list:

SST89Cxx Series read mcu copy protection:

SST89C54 SST89C58 SST89C583 SST89C5833 SST89C58RC SST89C59 ...

SST89Exx Series break mcu copy protection:

SST89E516RD SST89E516RD2 SST89E554 SST89E52RC SST89E52RD SST89E52RD2 SST89E54RC SST89E54RD SST89E54RD2 SST89E554RC SST89E564RD SST89E58RD SST89E58RD2 ...

SST89Vxx Series read mcu copy lockbit protection:

SST89V516RD SST89V516RD2 SST89V52RD SST89V52RD2 SST89V54RD2 SST89V554RC SST89V564RD SST89V58RD2 ...


SST39VF1682 SST39VF1681 SST39VF6402B SST39VF6401B SST39VF6402 SST39VF6401 SST39VF3202 SST39VF3201 SST39VF1602 SST39VF1601 ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About SST:

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and sale of integrated circuits, China Wealth Electronics Limited is one of the first IC design enterprises accredited by Shanghai Informatization Office and holds the title of Shanghai Hi-Tech Enterprise for 11 consecutive years Used to be.

Sino Wealth was founded in 1994, passed the IOSO certification in April 2004. With steady and continuous growth, there are now over 200 employees in Asia, mainly located in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Based on the spirit of profession and expertise, Sino Wealth always focuses on integrated circuit design for MCU, with 4-bit OTP / MASK MCU, 8-bit OTP / MASK MCU, 8-bit FLASH MCU mainly each Type applies in small house. Appliances, White Goods, Brown Goods, Automotive Electronics Peripherals, Sports Equipment, Health & Medical Care, Four Meters (Water Meter, Energy Meter, Gas Meter & Heating Meter), Instrumentation, Security, Power Control, Motor Control, Industrial Control, Frequency Conversion, digital electrical generator, keyboard / mouse for computer, network music (portable / car / bedside audio), bay Mr. monitors and wireless headphones / speaker / doorbell, etc.