NEC Microcontroller Unlock/Source Code Decryption

NEC MCU reverse engineer list:

Old NEC 78F mcu series:

uPD789022 uPD789024 uPD789025 uPD789026 uPD78F9026 uPD789046 uPD78F9046 uPD789052 uPD789062 uPD78E9860 uPD78E9861 uPD789071 uPD789072 uPD789074 uPD78F9076 uPD789086 uPD789088 uPD78F9088 uPD789101 uPD789102 uPD789104 uPD789111 uPD789112 uPD789114 uPD78F9116 uPD789121 uPD789122 uPD789124 uPD789131 uPD789132 uPD789134 uPD78F9136 uPD789166 uPD789167 uPD789176 uPD789177 uPD78F9177 uPD78F9200 uPD78F9201 uPD78F9202 uPD78F9500 uPD78F9501 uPD78F9502 uPD78F9210 uPD78F9211 uPD78F9212 uPD78F9510 uPD78F9511 uPD78F9512 uPD78F9221 uPD78F9222 uPD78F9224 uPD78F9232 uPD78F9234 uPD789304 uPD789306 uPD789314 uPD789316 uPD78F9314 uPD78F9316 uPD789322 uPD789324 uPD789326 uPD789327 uPD78F9328 uPD789405 uPD789406 uPD789407 uPD789415 uPD789416 uPD789417 uPD78F9418 uPD789425 uPD789426 uPD789435 uPD789436 uPD78F9436 uPD789445 uPD789446 uPD789455 uPD789456 uPD78F9456 uPD789462 uPD789464 uPD789466 uPD789467 uPD78F9468 uPD789477 uPD789478 uPD789479 uPD789488 uPD789489 uPD78F9478 uPD78F9479 uPD78F9488 uPD78F9489 uPD789830 uPD789832 uPD789833 uPD789834 uPD789835 uPD78F9835 uPD789841 uPD789842 uPD78F9842 uPD789800 uPD78F9801 uPD789881 uPD78F9882 uPD789860 uPD789861 uPD789862 uPD78E9860A uPD78E9861A uPD780021 uPD780022 uPD780023 uPD780024 uPD780031 uPD780032 uPD780033 uPD780034 uPD78F0034 uPD780053 uPD780054 uPD780055 uPD780056 uPD780058 uPD78F0058 uPD780065 uPD780076 uPD780078 uPD78F0066 uPD78F0078 uPD780101 uPD780102 uPD780103 uPD78F0103 uPD780111 uPD780112 uPD780113 uPD780114 uPD78F0114 uPD780131 uPD780132 uPD780133 uPD780134 uPD780136 uPD780138 uPD78F0134 uPD78F0138 uPD780143 uPD780144 uPD780146 uPD780148 uPD78F0148 uPD780101H uPD780102H uPD780103H uPD78F0103H uPD780111H uPD780112H uPD780113H uPD780114H uPD78F0114H uPD780131H uPD780132H uPD780133H uPD780134H uPD780136H uPD780138H uPD78F0134H uPD78F0138H uPD780306 uPD780308 uPD78P0308 uPD780316 uPD780318 uPD780326 uPD780328 uPD780336 uPD780338 uPD78F0338 uPD780343 uPD780344 uPD780353 uPD780354 uPD78F0354 uPD780861 uPD780862 uPD78F0862A D780822 uPD780824 uPD780826 uPD780828 uPD78F0822B uPD78F0828A uPD780957 uPD78F0958 uPD780982 uPD780983 uPD780984 uPD780986 uPD780988 uPD78F0988A uPD788004 uPD788005 uPD788006 uPD78F8004 uPD78F8005 uPD78F8006 ...

NEC V850 mcu series:

uPD703014 uPD703015 uPD703017 uPD70F3015 uPD70F3017 uPD703030 uPD703031 uPD703032 uPD703033 uPD70F3030 uPD70F3032 uPD70F3033 uPD703034 uPD703035 uPD703036 uPD703037 uPD70F3035 uPD70F3036 uPD70F3037 uPD703068 uPD703069 uPD703088 uPD703089 uPD70F3089 uPD780065 uPD780076 uPD780078 uPD78F0066 uPD78F0078 uPD703200 uPD703201 uPD703204 uPD70F3201 uPD70F3204 uPD703249 uPD703260 uPD703261 uPD703262 uPD703263 uPD70F3261 uPD70F3263 uPD703264 uPD703265 uPD703266 uPD70F3264 uPD70F3265 uPD70F3266 uPD703252 uPD703270 uPD703271 uPD703272 uPD703273 uPD70F3271 uPD70F3273 uPD703274 uPD703275 uPD703276 uPD70F3274 uPD70F3275 uPD70F3276 uPD703253 uPD703280 uPD703281 uPD703282 uPD703283 uPD70F3281 uPD70F3283 uPD703284 uPD703285 uPD703286 uPD70F3284 uPD70F3285 uPD70F3286 uPD703230 uPD703231 uPD703232 uPD703233 uPD703234 uPD703235 uPD70F3231 uPD70F3232 uPD70F3233 uPD70F3234 uPD70F3235 uPD70F3236 uPD70F3237 uPD70F3238 uPD70F3239 uPD703327 uPD703329 uPD70F3329 uPD70F3713 uPD70F3714 uPD703302 uPD703313 uPD70F3302 uPD70F3306 uPD70F3308 uPD70F3311 uPD70F3313 uPD70F3316 uPD70F3318 uPD70F3700 uPD70F3701 uPD70F3702 uPD70F3703 uPD70F3704 uPD70F3706 uPD70F3707 uPD70F3710 uPD70F3711 uPD70F3712 uPD70F3715 uPD70F3716 uPD70F3717 uPD70F3718 uPD70F3719 uPD70F3720 uPD70F3721 uPD70F3722 uPD70F3723 uPD70F3724 uPD70F3726 uPD70F3728 uPD70F3729 uPD70F3731 uPD70F3732 uPD70F3733 uPD70F3734 uPD70F3333 uPD70F3334 uPD70F3335 uPD70F3336 uPD70F3340 uPD70F3341 uPD70F3342 uPD70F3343 uPD70F3344 uPD70F3345 uPD70F3346 uPD70F3347 uPD70F3348 uPD70F3350 uPD70F3351 uPD70F3352 uPD70F3353 uPD70F3354 uPD70F3355 uPD70F3356 uPD70F3357 uPD70F3358 uPD70F3364 uPD70F3365 uPD70F3366 uPD70F3367 uPD70F3368 uPD703101 uPD703102 uPD70F3102 uPD703105 uPD703106 uPD703107 uPD70F3107 uPD703114 uPD703116 uPD703183 uPD703185 uPD703186 uPD70F3114 uPD70F3116 uPD70F3184 uPD70F3186 uPD703136 uPD703132 uPD703133 uPD703134 uPD70F3134 uPD70F3400 uPD70F3401 ...

New NEC 78F mcu series:

uPD78F0500 uPD78F0501 uPD78F0502 uPD78F0503 uPD78F0504 uPD78F0505 uPD78F0506 uPD78F0507 uPD78F0511 uPD78F0512 uPD78F0513 uPD78F8513 uPD78F0514 uPD78F0515 uPD78F8515 uPD78F0516 uPD78F0517 uPD78F0521 uPD78F0522 uPD78F0523 uPD78F0524 uPD78F0525 uPD78F0526 uPD78F0527 uPD78F0531 uPD78F0532 uPD78F0533 uPD78F0534 uPD78F0535 uPD78F0536 uPD78F0537 uPD78F0544 uPD78F0545 uPD78F0546 uPD78F0547 uPD78F0590 uPD78F0591 uPD78F0592 uPD78F0593 uPD78F0550 uPD78F0551 uPD78F0552 uPD78F0555 uPD78F0556 uPD78F0557 uPD78F0560 uPD78F0561 uPD78F0562 uPD78F0565 uPD78F0566 uPD78F0567 uPD78F0571 uPD78F0572 uPD78F0573 uPD78F0576 uPD78F0577 uPD78F0578 uPD78F0581 uPD78F0582 uPD78F0583 uPD78F0586 uPD78F0587 uPD78F0588 uPD78F0400 uPD78F0401 uPD78F0402 uPD78F0403 uPD78F0410 uPD78F0411 uPD78F0412 uPD78F0413 uPD78F0420 uPD78F0421 uPD78F0422 uPD78F0423 uPD78F0430 uPD78F0431 uPD78F0432 uPD78F0433 uPD78F0441 uPD78F0442 uPD78F0443 uPD78F0444 uPD78F0445 uPD78F0451 uPD78F0452 uPD78F0453 uPD78F0454 uPD78F0455 uPD78F0461 uPD78F0462 uPD78F0463 uPD78F0464 uPD78F0465 uPD78F0471 uPD78F0472 uPD78F0473 uPD78F0474 uPD78F0475 uPD78F0481 uPD78F0482 uPD78F0483 uPD78F0484 uPD78F0485 uPD78F0491 uPD78F0492 uPD78F0493 uPD78F0494 uPD78F0495 uPD78F0740 uPD78F0741 uPD78F0742 uPD78F0743 uPD78F0744 uPD78F0745 uPD78F0746 uPD78F0740 uPD78F0741 uPD78F0742 uPD78F0743 uPD78F0744 uPD78F0745 uPD78F0746 uPD78F0881 uPD78F0882 uPD78F0883 uPD78F0884 uPD78F0885 uPD78F0886 uPD78F0887 uPD78F0888 uPD78F0889 uPD78F0890 uPD78F0891 uPD78F0892 uPD78F0893 uPD78F0894 uPD78F0895 uPD78F0854 uPD78F0855 uPD78F0856 uPD78F0857 uPD78F0858 uPD78F0859 uPD78F0864 uPD78F0865 uPD78F0841 uPD78F0842 uPD78F0843 uPD78F0844 uPD78F0845 uPD78F0846 uPD78F0847 uPD78F0848 uPD78F0849 uPD78F0836 uPD78F0837 uPD78F0838 uPD78F0839 uPD78F0840 uPD79F7023 uPD79F7024 uPD79F7025 uPD79F7026 uPD78F0760 uPD78F0761 uPD78F0762 uPD78F0763 uPD78F0764 uPD78F0765 HDMI-CEC ASSP uPD78F8052 uPD78F8053 uPD78F8054 uPD78F8055 uPD78F1142 uPD78F1143 uPD78F1144 uPD78F1145 uPD78F1146 uPD78F1152 uPD78F1153 uPD78F1154 uPD78F1155 uPD78F1156 uPD78F1162 uPD78F1163 uPD78F1164 uPD78F1165 uPD78F1166 uPD78F1000 uPD78F1001 uPD78F1002 uPD78F1003 uPD78F1004 uPD78F1005 uPD78F1006 uPD78F1007 uPD78F1008 uPD78F1009 010 uPD78F1011 uPD78F1012 uPD78F1013 uPD78F1014 uPD78F1027 uPD78F1028 uPD78F1029 uPD78F1030 uPD78F1500 uPD78F1501 uPD78F1502 uPD78F1503 uPD78F1504 uPD78F1505 uPD78F1506 uPD78F1507 uPD78F1508 uPD78F1510 uPD78F1512 uPD78F1513 uPD78F1515 uPD78F1516 uPD78F1518 uPD78F1201 uPD78F1203 uPD78F1211 uPD79F9211 uPD78F1213 uPD78F1214 uPD78F1215 uPD78F1233 uPD78F1234 uPD78F1235 uPD78F1804 uPD78F1805 uPD78F1806 uPD78F1807 uPD78F1808 uPD78F1809 uPD78F1810 uPD78F1811 uPD78F1812 uPD78F1813 uPD78F1814 uPD78F1815 uPD78F1816 uPD78F1817 uPD78F1818 uPD78F1819 uPD78F1820 uPD78F1821 uPD78F1822 uPD78F1823 uPD78F1824 uPD78F1825 uPD78F1826 uPD78F1827 uPD78F1828 uPD78F1829 uPD78F1830 uPD78F1831 uPD78F1832 uPD78F1833 uPD78F1836 uPD78F1837 uPD78F1838 uPD78F1839 uPD78F1840 uPD78F1841 uPD78F1842 uPD78F1843 uPD78F1844 uPD78F1845 uPD78F1031 uPD78F1032 uPD78F1033 uPD78F1034 uPD78F1035 uPD78F1036 uPD78F1037 uPD78F1038 uPD78F1039 uPD78F1040 uPD78F1041 uPD78F1042 uPD78F1043 uPD78F1044 uPD78F1045 uPD78F1046 uPD78F1047 uPD78F1048 uPD78F1049 uPD78F1050 uPD78F1846 uPD78F1847 uPD78F1848 uPD78F1849 uPD78F1016 uPD78F1017 uPD78F1018 uPD78F2022 uPD78F2023 uPD78F2034 uPD78F2025 uPD78F2026 ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About NEC:

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company was known as Nippon Electric Company Limited before rebranding as NEC in 1983. It provides IT and network solsto to commercial enterprises, communications service providers and government agencies, and has also been the largest PC vendor in Japan with the PC-8000 series since the 1980s.

Kunihiko Ivadare and Takeshiro Maeda established the Nippon Electric Limited Partnership on August 31, 1898, which they had purchased from Miyoshi Electrical Manufacturing Company. Evadare acted as representative partner; Maeda handled the company's sales. Western Electric, which had an interest in the Japanese phone market, was represented by Walter Tenney Carlton. Carlo was also responsible for the renovation of Miyoshi facilities. It was agreed that the treaty would be reorganized as a joint stock company when the treaty would allow it. On July 17, 1899, the revised treaty entered into force between Japan and the United States. Nippon Electric Company, Ltd. was organized the same day with Western Electric Company to become the first Japanese joint venture with foreign capital. Evadare was named managing director. Ernest Clement and Carlton were named as directors. Maeda and Motatoru Fuji were appointed as auditors. Evadare, Maeda and Carlton handled overall management.

As of July 2018, NEC has 6 larger business segments Public, Enterprise, Network Services, System Platform, Global, Others. It has renamed its Telecom Carrier business to Network Service.

Main subsidiaries of NEC includes, NEC Corporation of America, NEC Display Solutions of America Inc. and NetCracker Technology Corp.

They have discovery of single-walled carbon nanotubes by Sumio Iijima, the invention of the widely used MUX-scan design for test methodology (contrast with the IBM-developed level-sensitive scan design methodology), the world's first demonstration of the one-qubit rotation gate in solid state devices and As for mobile phones, NEC pioneered key technologies like color displays, 3G support, dual screens and camera modules.

  • NEC MobilePro - a handheld computer running Windows CE
  • NEC Aspire hybrid small business phone system
  • Electric vehicle batteries (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, a joint-venture between Nissan, NEC Corporation and NEC TOKIN)
  • NEC mobile phone
  • NEC America MultiSync Monitors and Fax devices1
  • NEC Information Systems, Inc. LaVie / NEC VERSA notebook
  • NEC Information Systems, Inc. POWERMATE desktop PC
  • NEC Information Systems, Inc. Valuestar / NEC POWERMATE hybrid computer
  • NEC (Division unknown) Car Stereos and Keyless Entry Systems
  • PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16 in US) and all related hardware and successors; co-produced by Hudson Soft.
  • PC-FX
  • J/TPS-102 Self-propelled ground-based early warning 3D radar (JGSDF)
  • Broadband multipurpose radio system (JGSDF)
  • Advanced Combat Infantry Equipment System [ACIES] (JSDF) - Major subcontractor
  • Howa rifle system (JSDF) - Major subcontractor as part of ACIES
  • 1983 Announced the SX-1 and SX-2 supercomputers
  • 1989 Introduction of SX-3
  • 1994 First announcement of SX-4
  • 1999 Delivery of SX-5
  • 2002 Introduced SX-6
  • 2002 Installation of the Earth Simulator, the world's fastest supercomputer from 2002 to 2004 reaching a speed of 35,600 gigaflops
  • 2005 NEC SX-8 in production
  • 2006 Announced the SX-8R
  • 2007 Announced the SX-9
  • 2011 First announcement of the NEC SX-9's successor
  • 2013 Announced the SX-ACE
  • 2017 Announced the SX-Aurora TSUBASA, computing platform that expands the horizons of supercomputing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics.

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