Sinowealth/NTK Microcontroller Unlock/Reverse Engineer

Sinowealth/NTK MCU reverse engineer list:

SHxxx series:

SH6790AP56AVNFK SH6790B SH6790B P SH6790B P(LB5195024) SH6790BBAORGCRG4 SH6790BBAORGLRG4 SH6790BP SH6792A SH6792B SH6792B P SH6792BAA0PAPG4 SH6792BAAOPAPG4 SH6792BAAOPAPG4(pb) SH6792BP SH6793 SH67933 SH67A-T1 SH67K53F-CG026 SH67P33 SH67P33A SH67P33AX SH67P33C SH67P33CH-000HR SH67P33CX SH67P33CX-020XU SH67P33X SH67P33X-092 SH67P33X-AB SH67P33X-AB002 SH67P33X-AB003 SH67P33X-AB058 SH67P33X-AB059 SH67P33X-AB066 SH67P33X-AB098 SH67P33X-AB103 SH67P33X-AB104 SH67P33X-AB107 SH67P33X-AB111 SH67P33X-AB124 SH67P33X-AB151 SH67P33X-AB254 SH67P33X-BB06 SH67P33X-BB090 SH67P33X-BB173 SH67P53 SH67P53F SH67P54 SH67P54F SH67P54P SH67P54P064PR SH67P57 SH67P847M SH67P90 SH67P93 SH68275P SH6852BAA0PWP SH6883-10074 SH6890A SH6890ABAODCA SH6890ACAODCARG4 SH68F093M SH68K31BX SH68P20C SH68P43M SH693-12 SH6941A SH6950 SH6950A SH6950C SH6950CCAOPFP SH6950D SH6950DAAOPFP SH6951 SH6951ABA0PFP SH6954 SH6954A SH6954BA SH6960 SH69608 SH69608 E SH6960A SH6960B SH6960B E SH6960BBA0PAP SH6960BCA0PAPG4 SH6960BCAOPAPG4 SH6960BE SH6960BEA09AP SH6960BEA09APG4 SH6960BEAOPAPG4 SH6962 SH6962 B SH6962 H SH6962A SH6962A57AX5YKB SH6962ABAORGCR SH6962ABAORGCRG4 SH6962B SH6962BAAORGCRG4 SH6962BBAORGCRG4 SH6962BCA0RGCRG4 SH6962BCAORGCR SH6962BCAORGCRG4 SH6962BE SH6962BL SH6962-BL SH6962BRG4 SH6964 SH6964A SH6964B SH6964B D SH6964BBA0PAPG4 SH6964BBAOPAPG4 SH6964BD SH6964BDAOP SH6964BDAOPAPG4 SH6966 SH6966 A SH696613 SH6966A SH6966A- SH6966ABA0RGCRG4 SH6966ABAORGCRG4 SH6966AC SH6966ACAORGCR4 SH6968A SH6968B SH6968B- SH6968BAAOPAPG4 SH6968BABOPG4 SH6990A SH69925 SH69926 SH69M42M SH69P20 SH69P20A SH69P20AM SH69P20B SH69P20BM SH69P20C SH69P20C=FD69P20C SH69P20C-018DU SH69P20CH SH69P20CM SH69P20CM-018MU SH69P20DM SH69P20M SH69P23 SH69P23M SH69P25 SH69P25H-000HR SH69P25K SH69P25K(DIP-28) SH69P25K-028KU SH69P25K-0511-J SH69P25M SH5A15 SH5B12U SH5B13 SH5D12U SH5D13 SH5D18220YSB SH5D18330YSB SH5F13 SH5G12U SH5G13 SH5H100 SH5H13 SH5J12U SH5J13 SH60222R2YLB SH6022560YSB SH6022561YSB SH60225R0YLB SH60225R0YSB SH6022680YSB SH6022681YSB SH60226R2YSB SH60227R5YSB SH6022820YSB SH6022821YSB SH6022R90YSB SH6028100YLB SH6028220YSB SH6028680YLB SH603 SH6031AP SH6038390YLB SH60383R3YLB SH6038470YLB SH6038560YLB SH60385R0YLB SH6038680YLB SH60386R2YLB SH60387R4YLB SH6038820YLB SH60388R7YLB SH6100A SH61140 SH6125A SH6125AP SH6125B SH6125B P SH6125BP SH6168A SH6168A A SH6168A-A SH61771 SH61934 SH62239 SH63720 SH64998 SH65HVD230DR SH65HVD251DR SH6601A SH6601A P SH6601ABA0PAPG4 SH6601AC SH6601ACB0PAPG4 SH6601AD SH6601AF SH6601AF P SH6601AFD0PAPG4 SH6601AP SH6613BH-CH339 SH6613CH-AH598 SH6613CH-BH167 SH6613CH-CH381 SH6613H-CH122 SH662716A SH662716A-4L38 SH6631AH-CH065 SH6631AM-CH062 SH6631AM-CH069 SH6631AX-CH081 SH66356C-4L44 SH66356C-4L62 SH66358C SH665312A SH665312A-4F79 SH665316A SH665316A-4F47 SH66558A SH66558A-4856 SH66558B SH66K31BX SH66K31BX-CC009 SH66K31BX-CC010 SH66K31BX-CC011 SH66K31BX-CD031 SH66K51AF-AE031 SH66L12A SH66L12AH-KH014 SH66L12AH-KH122 SH66L16AH-LA128 SH66L16H-SH031 SH66N12H SH66N12H-000HR SH66P12H SH66P13AH SH66P20 SH66P20A SH66P20AH SH66P20A-JH012 SH66P20AM SH66P22AH SH66P22AK SH66P22AM SH66P31 SH66P31AM SH66P31B SH66P51 SH66P51AH SH66P51F SH66P51F-AE031 SH66P51H SH66P51H-000HR SH66P51P SH66P51P064PR SH66T05L SH66T-11LQ SH66T19L SH67424 SH6742C SH6742CDAOPAG SH6742CFAOPAG SH6750 SH6750B 5 SH6750BDAOPFC SH6750BDJOPFC SH6750C SH6750CE SH6750CEA0PFC SH675BDAOPFC SH6761A SH6761AFA0PAP SH6762A SH6764 SH6764A SH6764-A SH6764ACA0PAO SH6766 ...

AT90xx whole series:

AT90S1200 AT90S2323 AT90S2343 AT90S2331 AT90S4433 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90S4414 AT90S4434 AT90S2313 90S1200 90S2323 90S2343 90S2331 90S4433 90S8515 90S8535 90S4414 90S4434 90S2313 ...

ATMegaxx whole series:

ATmega16 ATmega162 ATmega164 ATmega165 ATmega168 ATmega169 ATmega128 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega2560 ATmega2561 ATmega328 ATmega48 ATmega32 ATmega324 ATmega325 ATmega3250 ATmega329 ATmega3290 ATmega64 ATmega640 ATmega645 ATmega6450 ATmega649 ATmega6490 ATmega8 ATmega88 ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega16L ATmega162L ATmega164L ATmega165L ATmega168L ATmega169L ATmega128L ATmega1280L ATmega1281L ATmega2560L ATmega2561L ATmega328L ATmega48L ATmega32L ATmega324L ATmega325L ATmega3250L ATmega329L ATmega3290L ATmega64L ATmega640L ATmega645L ATmega6450L ATmega649L ATmega6490L ATmega8L ATmega88L ATmega8515L ATmega8535L ATmega16P ATmega162P ATmega164P ATmega165P ATmega168P ATmega169P ATmega128P ATmega1280P ATmega1281P ATmega2560P ATmega2561P ATmega328P ATmega48P ATmega32P ATmega324P ATmega325P ATmega3250P ATmega329P ATmega3290P ATmega64P ATmega640P ATmega645P ATmega6450P ATmega649P ATmega6490P ATmega8P ATmega88P ATmega16A ATmega162A ATmega164A ATmega165A ATmega168A ATmega169A ATmega128A ATmega1280A ATmega1281A ATmega2560A ATmega2561A ATmega328A ATmega48A ATmega32A ATmega324A ATmega325A ATmega3250A ATmega329A ATmega3290A ATmega64A ATmega640A ATmega645A ATmega6450A ATmega649A ATmega6490A ATmega8A ATmega88A ATmega8515A ATmega8535A ...

ATTinyxx whole series:

ATtiny4 ATtiny5 ATtiny10 ATtiny11 ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny15 ATtiny20 ATtiny22 ATtiny24 ATtiny25 ATtiny26 ATtiny261 ATtiny28 ATtiny2313 ATtiny40 ATtiny4313 ATtiny43 ATtiny44 ATtiny45 ATtiny461 ATtiny48 ATtiny84 ATtiny85 ATtiny861 ATtiny87 ATtiny88 ATtiny4A ATtiny5A ATtiny10A ATtiny11A ATtiny12A ATtiny13A ATtiny15A ATtiny20A ATtiny22A ATtiny24A ATtiny25A ATtiny26A ATtiny261A ATtiny28A ATtiny2313A ATtiny40A ATtiny4313A ATtiny43A ATtiny44A ATtiny45A ATtiny461A ATtiny48A ATtiny84A ATtiny85A ATtiny861A ATtiny87A ATtiny88A ATtiny4V ATtiny5V ATtiny10V ATtiny11V ATtiny12V ATtiny13V ATtiny15V ATtiny20V ATtiny22V ATtiny24V ATtiny25V ATtiny26V ATtiny261V ATtiny28V ATtiny2313V ATtiny40V ATtiny4313V ATtiny43V ATtiny44V ATtiny45V ATtiny461V ATtiny48V ATtiny84V ATtiny85V ATtiny861V ATtiny87V ATtiny88V ...

ATFxx series:


ATXmegaxx whole series:

ATXmega8e5 ATXmega16a4 ATXmega16a4u ATXmega16c4 ATXmega16d4 ATXmega32a4 ATXmega32a4u ATXmega32c3 ATXmega32c4 ATXmega32d3 ATXmega32d4 ATXmega32e5 ATXmega64a1 ATXmega64a1u ATXmega64a3 ATXmega64a3u ATXmega64a4u ATXmega64b1 ATXmega64b3 ATXmega64c3 ATXmega64d3 ATXmega64d4 ATXmega128a1 ATXmega128a1u ATXmega128a3 ATXmega128a3u ATXmega128a4u ATXmega128b1 ATXmega128b3 ATXmega128c3 ATXmega128d3 ATXmega128d4 ATXmega192a3 ATXmega192a3u ATXmega192c3 ATXmega192d3 ATXmega256a3 ATXmega256a3u ATXmega256a3b ATXmega256a3bu ATXmega256c3 ATXmega256d3 ATXmega384c3 ATXmega384d3 ...

AT90CAN/PWM/USB/xx whole series:

AT90CAN32 AT90CAN64 AT90CAN128 AT90PWM2 AT90PWM216 AT90PWM2B AT90PWM3 AT90PWM316 AT90PWM3B AT90USB1286 AT90USB1287 AT90USB162 AT90USB646 AT90USB647 AT90USB82 ...

AT88scxx/90scxx series series:

AT90S1200 AT90S2323 AT90S2343 AT90S2331 AT90S4433 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90S4414 AT90S4434 AT90S2313 90S1200 90S2323 90S2343 90S2331 90S4433 90S8515 90S8535 90S4414 90S4434 90S2313 ...

AT91SAMxx whole series:

AT91SAM9XE512 AT91SAM9XE256 AT91SAM9XE128 AT91SAM7S64B AT91SAM7S32B AT91SAM7SE512 AT91SAM7SE256 AT91SAM7SE32 AT91SAM7XC512 AT91SAM7XC256 AT91SAM7XC128 AT91SAM7X512 AT91SAM7X256 AT91SAM7X128 AT91SAM7S161 AT91SAM7S512 AT91SAM7S256 AT91SAM7S128 AT91SAM7S64 AT91SAM7S321 ...

HCSxx Transponder series:

HCS101 HCS200 HCS201 HCS200 HCS300 HCS301 ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About NTK:

SinoWealth (formerly NTK) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and sale of integrated circuits, Sino Wealth Electronics Ltd. Is one of the first IC design enterprises accredited by the Shanghai Informatization Office, and continues to hold the title of Shanghai Hi-Tech Enterprise. 11 years. Sino Wealth was founded in 1994, passed the IOSO certification in April 2004. With steady and continuous growth, there are now over 200 employees in Asia, mainly located in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Based on a sense of profession and expertise, Sino Wealth always Focuses on integrated circuit design for MCUs including 4-bit OTP / MASK MCU, 8-bit OTP / MASK MCU, 8-bit Flash MCU, mainly for each type of small home appliances, white goods, brown goods, automotive peripherals , Sports equipment, health and medical care, four meters (water meters, energy meters, gas meters and heating meters), instrumentation, safety, power control, motor control, industrial control, frequency conversion, Ijitl electrical generator, keyboard for computer / mouse, network music (Portable / Car / bedside audio), baby monitors and wireless headphones / speaker / doorbell, etc

The company’s root was in China which was close to their market and clients. Sino Wealth will insist on the business strategy of specialization, differentiation, low cost with high performance, and constant enhancement with its core value and competitiveness. They believe that with the efforts of their RD teams and the support of mass production capacities, company will make our customers much more competitive.

They always strive to improve their products and service into a higher quality status, which will make their partners stand in an outstanding position in future.

Sinowealth carries large range of products as described below:
  • 32 BIT MCU
  • 4BIT OTP/MASK MCU - I/O series, ADC Series, LCD Series, Home Appliance Series, 8 PIN Home Appliance Series, Consumption Series, Low Voltage Series, INfrared Remote Controller Series
  • 8BIT FLASH MCU - 8bit Flash MCU(SH79XX), 8bit Flash MCU(SH88XX)
  • PH MCU - PS/2, USB, RF
  • Others - OLED DRIVER, 4 Bit (SH67XX) telephone series, 4 Bit (SH934XX) telephone series, 8 Bit (SH57XX) telephone series, Digital answering machine, RF Solution telephone series, 32 Bit

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SinoWealth Microcontroller Dumping:

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