Sonix Microcontroller Unlock/Crack

Sonix MCU reverse engineer list:

SN8Pxx Series Crack microcontroller protection:

SN8P0212 SN8P0213 SN8P0406 SN8P1602 SN8P1602A SN8P1602B SN8P1602P SN8P1602S SN8P1602X SN8P1603 SN8P1603P SN8P1603S SN8P1603X SN8P1604 SN8P1604A SN8P1604S SN8P1702 SN8P17021 SN8P1702A SN8P1702P SN8P1702S SN8P1702X SN8P1703 SN8P1703A SN8P1704 SN8P1704K SN8P1704X SN8P1707 SN8P1707Q SN8P1708 SN8P1708P SN8P1708S SN8P1808 SN8P1808Q SN8P1819 SN8P1819A SN8P1819Q SN8P1829 SN8P1829Q N8P1907 SN8P1907X SN8P1908 SN8P1908Q SN8P1909 SN8P1909Q SN8P2308 SN8P2501 SN8P2501A N8P2602 SN8P2602A SN8P2602B SN8P2604 SN8P26042 SN8P2604K SN8P2604S SN8P2604X SN8P2606 SN8P2606P SN8P2608 SN8P2608X SN8P2612 SN8P2612P SN8P2612S SN8P2613 SN8P2613P SN8P2613S SN8P2622 SN8P2622P SN8P2624 SN8P2624K SN8P2704 SN8P2704A SN8P2704K SN8P2705 SN8P2705A SN8P2706 SN8P2706A SN8P2707 SN8P2707A SN8P2708 SN8P2708A SN8P2711 SN8P2711P SN8P2711S SN8P2711X SN8P2714 SN8P27142 SN8P27143 SN8P2714K SN8P2714S SN8P2615 SN8P2615P SN8P2615S SN8PC01 SN8PC01P SN8PC01S ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Sonix:

Sonics introduced its first integrated circuit product in 1996. Since that time, Sonic has been widely recognized as the world's leading provider of voice controller ICs. Today, Sonics is also a major developer of innovative IC solutions for a large range of applications, including consumer ICs and multimedia ICs.

Micro-controllers- Sonics has designed a wide range of embedded flash type and OTP type 8-bit micro controllers with high precision ADC and USB interface. To provide more powerful functions to customers, Sonics also ventured into a new segment by launching its first 32 bit MCU series. Product applications for micro controllers include home appliances, PC peripherals, audio / video remote controllers, gaming accessories, automotive equipment, and health care products.

Optical ID Optical ID chipsets are a proprietary technology of sonics primarily for educational applications. It is an ideal combination of optical theory, specialized coding and printing technologies. In 2002, Sonics launched the first generation optical ID solutions for electronic educational devices. Since then, Optical ID has a wide range of education, entertainment and digital home appliances. Sonics has been granted multiple patents of optical ID technologies in Taiwan, USA, China, UK, Germany, France, Japan and Korea.

Sonix applies their own proprietary technologies to the design of its entire range of IC products. With their proprietary technologies, Sonix have full control over technology development while eliminating reliance on costly intellectual property from third party developers. Sonix is able to better address design performance and programming flexibility issues, reduce development and manufacturing cost, and offer the most advanced feature sets in ready-for-market solutions.

Sonix understand that to meet the market criteria they have to be updated with current market trend. this reason, Sonix is focused on providing service that ensures customers have real access to products and solutions that address their time-to-market requirements. As per Sonix belief, rapid product development of market-ready products is key to the success of its clients.

Sonix offers one of the industry's most comprehensive technical support networks. Sonix is now one of the world's fastest growing suppliers of consumer IC chips to leading companies around the globe.

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