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About Maxim:

Maxim Integrated is an American, publicly traded company that designs, manufactures and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Maxim Integrated develops integrated circuits (ICs) for the automotive, industrial, communications, consumer and computing markets. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has design centers, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices worldwide.

Maxim was founded in April 1983. Its nine initial team members had a wide variety of experience in semiconductor design and sales. The founding team included Jack Gifford, an industry leader since the 1960s; Fred Beck, an IC sales and distribution pioneer; General Electric scientist Dave Bingham in 1982; Steve Coombs, a pioneer in wafer technologies and manufacturing; Leev Evans, 1982 CMOS Analog Microchip Design and General Electric of the Year Scientist of the Year; Dave Fulger, inventor of the first internally compensated operational amplifier circuit; Roger Fuller, yet another pioneer in CMOS microchip design; Rich Hood, development director for some of the first microprocessor controlled semiconductor test systems; And Dick Willenken, acknowledged as the father of major analog switches and multiplex technologies.

Maxim's product portfolio now includes power and battery management ICs, sensors, analog ICs, interface ICs, communications solutions, digital ICs, embedded security, and microcontrollers.

In 1990, company purchased first water fabrication facility in Sunnyvale. In 1994 company acquired Tektronix Semiconductor Division in Beaverton, Oregon, giving Maxim high-speed bipolar processes for wireless RF and fiber-optic products.In 2001, they acquired Dallas Semiconductor in Dallas, Texas, to gain expertise in digital and mixed-signal CMOS design, as well as an additional wafer fab. In 2003 Purchased submicrometre CMOS fab from Philips in San Antonio, Texas, to ramp up capacity and support processes down to the 0.25-micrometre level. In 2009 they Acquired Innova Card, headquartered in La Ciotat, France, for the financial transaction terminal semiconductor market. The company acquired Phyworks, a supplier of optical transceiver chips for the broadband communications market. And in latest in 2018 they acquired Icron Technologies

Company’s has also seen some downtime as common stock was delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Exchange due to the company's inability to file financial statements related to stock option backdating. Maxim's stock was traded over-the-counter and quoted on the Pink Sheets until the company completed its restatement in 2008.

Please see some of the products by them:


Power ICs simplify the design of power supply and power management circuits by integrating key circuit functions into a single chip, resulting in higher reliability with significant savings in power consumption, board space and cost. Maxim is a leading supplier of power integrated circuits for power conversion and battery management applications. They offer a wide range of power conversion circuits and controller ICs. Their battery management products provide market leading fuel gauging, charging and monitoring functions. Their power products support a wide variety of applications, including the industrial, communications, automotive, data center, consumer and healthcare markets.


An electrical sensor is a device or integrated circuit that detects a specific physical parameter and converts it to an electrical signal. The output signal of the electrical sensor is processed and used to provide a measurement or to trigger an action. Examples include environmental sensors for measuring temperature or humidity and bio sensors for measuring physiological indicators such as core temperature or heart rate.

Maxim's large selection of temperature sensor ICs support a wide variety of designs for both local and remote temperature measurement. These electric sensor ICs provide high-accuracy, low-power performance with real-time protection, robust interfaces, and compact packaging for use in industrial, automotive, consumer, data center and communications applications. Their growing portfolio of bio sensors provide high-accuracy measurement of body vital signs. These highly integrated bio sensor ICs offer low power operation in small packages for accurate body vital measurements such as temperature, heart health, and bio potential for use in mobile phones, wearable devices and clinical health patches.


Analog ICs provide complete analog circuit functions, from the simple to the complex, in a single chip. Analog devices are necessary to interface real-world signals to electronic and digital systems. Our wide selection of analog products include op amps, current sense amps, audio and video amplifiers, data converters, analog filters, analog switches and multiplexers and sensor interface devices. These high-performance analog products include high accuracy, high precision, low noise, low power, and high-voltage options in a variety of package sizes. Maxim's analog devices support a wide variety of applications including industrial, communication, automotive, healthcare and consumer products


Interface ICs provide complete electronic interface circuit functions in a single chip which increases reliability while providing significant savings in design effort, design size and cost. Interface devices control and manage signal communications between diverse electronic systems. Their wide selection of interface ICs enable robust, reliable and efficient communications which simplify design while providing the highest levels of signal isolation and protection. Their market-leading transceivers, IO-Link devices, USB, high-speed serial link and digital I/O interface devices support a broad variety of applications, including industrial, automotive, mobile and portable devices.


Communication ICs simplify design of electronic communication equipment by providing complete building blocks or application specific functions in a single chip. This results in higher reliability designs that require lower power, less space, smaller BOM and faster time to market. Maxim's high-performance communications devices support multiple technologies including wired, powerline, optical, and wireless communications. These highly integrated solutions address critical functions within the telecom, cable, data center, mobile and automotive markets.


Embedded systems need protection from malicious attacks. Add tamper detection to your system to protect sensitive data and encryption keys. Or safeguard your IP and R&D investment from cloning and unauthorized use. With Maxim’s solutions, you can easily secure your entire system.

Security manager products work with your microcontroller to protect information. Secure Authenticator ICs provide crypto-strong authentication. Our secure microcontrollers have built-in FIPS-certified hardware cryptographic engines that support industry-standard algorithms.


Their 32-bit microcontrollers provide the cornerstone for building robust devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) age. Ultra-low power operation helps maximize battery life, small footprints enable ubiquitous use, and best-in-class security protects your investment.

Their ultra-low-power, 32-bit microcontroller devices combine the biggest embedded memories of any MCUs in their class with ultra-efficient power management. Their secure 32-bit microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and physical security to provide the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering.


Maxim's iButton® devices are small, durably packaged modules with globally unique digital addresses. Enhanced by Maxim's 1-Wire communications protocol, they provide the ability to deliver or record data where other products cannot, such as in very harsh environments. An iButton device is ideal for any application where information needs to follow a person or object, such as temperature and humidity data logging, access control, asset tracking, and electronic cash (eCash) transactions.


Maxim Integrated designs and manufactures numerous types of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits that drive new technologies across a wide market base. Our innovative integrated circuits improve your systems and speed your time to market by enabling smaller, smarter, more reliable, more secure, higher efficiency designs. We rely on our expert staff of engineers and long experience in the semiconductor industry to provide innovative integrated devices to support automotive, industrial, healthcare, communications, consumer, IoT and military applications.

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